Accessibility Statement:

SMCIL has made every effort to ensure this website is accessible.  We are adding new features everyday.  If there is a feature missing that you would like to see added, please notify us using the Contact Us page and we will do our best to make sure it is added.

Increasing Font Sizes:

All fonts are sized in relative units. This means that font sizes can be easily increased in all browsers. Modern browsers (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, and Safari) allow web pages to be magnified by holding down CTRL and type “+” or “-“. To return text to normal hold down CTRL and type “0”. This method works on most web sites if they have been properly coded.

In older versions of Internet Explorer such as IE7, the size of the text on a page can be increased by going to the View menu and selecting Text Size and then Largest.

Mini-applications from Other Sources:

Our calendar has been created using the Google calendar application.  Google offers two documents that may be of help (both will open new windows): Using Google Calendar with screen readers and Google Calendar keyboard shortcuts.