SMCIL's COVID-19 Relief Fund

SMCIL is requesting your help with raising $5000 to provide immediate support and services to individuals with disabilities who are experiencing disruptions to their independent community-based living due to the COVID 19 pandemic.
  • Funds will be used for purchasing COVID-19 related supplies for the safety and health of both staff and consumers before, during, and after the delivery of direct services and activities intended to address COVID-19 related needs. Supplies such as masks, gloves, personal care necessities (e.g. toilet paper, soap, and hand sanitizer) will be delivered directly to vulnerable individuals with disabilities as the majority of them are unable to self-procure these supplies while following social distancing guidelines.

  • Funds will also be used to expand and utilize technology for consumers and staff with the intent of reaching more consumers. This may include remote service delivery technology and equipment such as laptops, cellphones, assistive technology, and telecommunication to allow home-bound individuals with disabilities to avoid complete isolation and allow them to communicate with their service providers and family members. SMCIL staff will also support the training necessary for consumers to effectively utilize technology and equipment.

  • Some of SMCIL’s consumers are in need of rental assistance due to loss of work hours and assistance with unexpected travel expenses due to social distancing. SMCIL’s service area is very rural and transportation is already problematic. Since the pandemic, public transportation is limiting the number of individuals allowed on the bus and our consumers are often compelled to pay for alternative means of transportation out of pocket.

To donate to the COVID-19 Relief Fund, click the donate button found in the top right corner of any page of this website. Choose one of the preset donation amounts or enter the amount you choose to donate in the "other amount" box. Click the "use this donation for " drop down box and choose " SMCIL COVID-19 Relief" then click one of the two donation options - PayPal or Credit Card.

Thank you for considering a donation to SMCIL’s COVID-19 Relief Fund. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to SMCIL staff at 301-884-4498 or