SMCIL's Transition Youth Program is designed to help any person between the age of 14 – 26 with a disability to transition into adulthood. We strive to empower our maturing individuals to live self-directed independent lives. SMCIL will develop strategies that focus on giving young people the opportunity to advance within the community and in life.

The Individual will receive:

  • Basic life-skill building: consumer education and instruction in budgeting, the use of credit, housekeeping, menu planning, food preparation

  • Interpersonal skill building: including enhancing young people's abilities to establish positive relationships with peers and adults, make decisions and manage stress

  • Educational opportunities: such as GED preparation, post-secondary training and vocational education

  • Employment Assistance: job preparation and attainment, such as career counseling and job search

  • Peer Mentoring: someone who will be there to listen and give advice in your areas of concern

  • Application Assistance: help with applying for social security, college applications and/or apartments